About US

To be the leading, most profitable and innovative manufacturer of electrical motors in the region.

“We aim to produce truly world-class and reliable products, benchmarking our standards against the best available in the international market. We will constantly strive for up gradation of technology, and intellectual property, to always ensure `customer`s delight`.”

We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing cost-effective, reliable products and services in National & International market. To achieve this, we will create our environment that encourages our employees & suppliers to prevent defects.

  • The factory is built in 2400 sq. mts on total area of 5900 sq.mt area for future expansion

  • NCEP considered as leading manufacturer of single phase induction motors in Egypt & Middle east

  • NCEP uses modern technology and equipment for production

  • Production capacity is 1500 units per day and 450,000 units per annum

  • Our motor type is of permanent split capacitor ( PSC ) motor

  • This motor gets used in many applications both for variable load and steady loads

  • NCEP can produce any motor with below specifications

    1. Voltage – 110/220v

    2. Frequency – 50/60 Hz

    3. Single/multi speed

    4. High Torques start

    5. Working Torque suitable for working loads & also considering the space available in the A/C unit to meet each customer needs

  • Addition to that the motor is protected with thermal cut off to protect the motor against over load